Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Acaba de ser publicado o nº 11 da revista Russa IDENTITY que inclui um excelente artigo de Emanuel Barbosa sobre Design Gráfico em Portugal.

Aqui ficam (com um agradecimento ao seu autor) algumas passagens do artigo:

"Graphic design in Portugal

by Emanuel Barbosa


Graphic design in Portugal has no major reference than Sebastião Rodrigues (1929-1997), a graphic artist (the name that before the professionals of graphic communication were called). After forty years of work as a graphic artist, Rodrigues was internationally distinguished in 1991 by ICOGRADA's "Excellence Award" in consideration of his remarkable work for Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation - he created the corporate identity of this institution - still in use today. His legacy still lives and the book about his work (Sebastião Rodrigues - Designer, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon) its a "must" in every portuguese designer bookshelf.


The first generation of portuguese graphic artists started with the knowledge of traditional arts and crafts: backgrounds from painting, sculpture or architecture allowed this pioneers to develop an important amount of high-quality works. Authors like Victor Palla, Abel Manta, Thomaz de Mello, Fernando de Azevedo, Lima de Freitas and Octávio Clérigo were very influencial with their high-quality work and opened new roads for the future generations. For decades they became the front line of a brand new activity in this old country.


Just recently the portuguese design community started to write on internet about design theory issues. Some blogs like Ressabiator (http://ressabiator.wordpress.com) - written by Mário Moura, Reactor (http://reactor-reactor.blogspot.com) - written by José Bártolo or Designio (http://designio.com.sapo.pt) - written by Luís Inácio, started to become more and more popular with important design research topics and there is a growing interest on academic discussions about graphic design issues. (...)".

Recordamos que Emanuel Barbosa foi entrevistado pelo Reactor (29.05.07), entrevista cuja leitura (ou releitura) aconselhamos.

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